Exam and Assessment Results

Statutory Assessment Results 2018


Our statutory assessment results from July 2018 were as follows:

Key Stage 2 (Y6) Attainment:

Proportion of pupils reaching the expected standard:

Reading: 68% 
Writing:   69%
Maths:    60%

Combined attainment in all three subjects:

Proportion of pupils reaching expected standard: 52%

Proportion of pupils reaching greater depth: 8%

Average scaled scores in tests:

Reading:  103
Maths:     102

Key Stage 2 (Y6) Progress:

Average progress scores range from -10 to 10, and are compared with a national average of zero.

Average progress in reading:    -2.8
Average progress in writing:     -2.3
Average progress in maths:      -3.7

You can find more information about all schools’ results via the government’s compare school performance website. (Link below)