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East Preston Junior School

Dynamic Dodgeball!


Result: Joint Winners

Team EPJS took to the field in this week's latest competition—a firm favourite: dodgeball. The Commonwealth nations of New Zealand (St John’s) , South Africa (St Wilfrid’s) , Australia (St Margaret’s)  and our very own Trinidad & Tobago took part in a vibrant and energetic festival of dodgeball.  Each team played each other twice meaning that there were some great rivalries struck up, but the games were played in a good spirit and the teams really enjoyed themselves.

As always with these competitions, it is a joy to see the children become more tactically aware as the games progress and they learn how to improve their game. Trinidad & Tobago won 5 of their 6 games and shared the winners podium with South Africa—well done all for a great performance and representing your school well.

The coaches player of the evening was Bertie Beasley, who was a key player in the EPJS 10 and really showed a great understanding of the game.

Thank you to all that took part, to parents and carers for transporting and cheering and to Mr. Gwynn for his organisation of the evening.