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East Preston Junior School

Questions about potential re-opening

Please see below a selection of the questions we have been asked about the potential re-opening of the school from June to pupils in Year 6 as well as those eligible for provision as children of key workers.

Who will be able to attend school?

School will be open to all pupils in Year 6, in addition to those who have already been eligible to attend because they are either from a family of critical workers, or have been identified by the school as requiring provision. Unfortunately we are not able to extend provision to any other children in Years 3 to 5 at this stage.

We do not expect children to attend school if they are vulnerable, or if they would put a vulnerable household member at risk by attending school.

How will children be socially distanced?

It will not be possible to operate full 2m social distancing in school. Other mitigation measures will be used, including:

  • pupils will be in class groups of no more than 15
  • pupils will work at their own table space, using only their own equipment
  • groups will not be mixed, and will work with the same two members of staff every day
  • regular handwashing will be planned into the day, including before and after breaks, lunch, and at the beginning and end of the day
  • different groups of pupils will enter/leave via different exits
  • break times will be slightly staggered to allow everyone to access toilets and sinks safely; each group of 15 children will play separately from other groups.

Why won't children be following the 2-metre social separation?

We have closely followed the guidance issued to schools which states that "For primary schools, classes should normally be split in half, with no more than 15 pupils per small group and one teacher (and, if needed, a teaching assistant)."

The decision is based on the government's view that young people are at less risk of serious symptoms or of becoming unwell if infected by the coronavirus. The full detail of the government's view is set out in its guidance for parents and carers available online:

Will children be with their friends / teacher in their usual classroom?

Because of the reduced group size, this will not always be possible. Groups will be organised along year group lines initially, with Year 6 classes being split into smaller groups based on the school's professional judgement. It will not be possible to make changes to groups, staffing or classrooms.
Y6 children of key workers will rejoin their Year 6 groups.

Will it be compulsory to attend? Will we be able to pick days to attend?

All pupils who are offered a place in school will be expected to attend full time. If your child cannot come to school due to illness or similar, we ask that you let school know as you would normally.

When and where should we arrive at school?

To help stagger the number of people arriving on site, we will operate a flexible start time, with children arriving any time between 8.30am and 9.00am. We ask that where possible - and for all Y6 pupils, that children enter the school site unaccompanied. Where younger children need to be brought by an adult, only one adult should enter the school site. There will be some one-way signage and different entrances in operation.

Will children have to wear uniform?

We recognise that many children may have grown out of uniform, or will want to wash clothes more regularly, so we are not requiring that uniform be worn. However, clothing should be comfortable and appropriate for school (no party dresses or jeans), and should allow for participation in physical activity, so trainers are recommended. 

Children do not need to wear face masks or any other specialist equipment.

What should children bring to school?

Children should bring nothing to school apart from their lunch and a water bottle. All equipment will be provided in school.

What First Aid provision will be available?

We will have fully-trained first aiders on site as with normal term times. Where possible, children will be guided to manage their own first aid. If need be, parents may be contacted more readily than usual. Where necessary, first aid staff will don PPE to administer first aid directly.

What will lessons look like? Will the curriculum re-start?

We will return to following a broadly standard timetable, including regular lessons each day. This will be a notable change from the previous childcare provision offered to key workers during the closure.

However, we will not be returning to full delivery of the national curriculum, as many children will not be able to access this from home. 

We will continue to provide home learning opportunities for those who are unable to attend school.

Will sports day / bikeability still happen?

 It's hard to know either of these things at this stage. If school opens more widely from June, then hopefully we will be able to organise something along these lines, but we'll have to confirm later.