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East Preston Junior School

Science Fair 2024

On Wednesday 13th March, East Preston Junior School hosted its annual science fair. Each class presented an interactive science experiment which children and adults could participate in. With a Fizz! Pop! Bang! the groups enthusiastically showed off their scientific knowledge from 9.30am in the school hall. Rosettes were awarded to various children throughout the day for different elements including: ‘great scientific experiment’, ‘knowledge of good scientific vocabulary’ and ‘helpful scientist’. Amongst the many experiments on offer, these were just some of the highlights:

3C: Make it Fly

Rory from 3C excitedly commented: “I’ve just got here and I’m already loving it!” 3C put out some patterned paper with multiple different paper airplane designs. What’s the science?
Different designs had different amounts of drag and thrust. Drag is when a force pushes something one way but the air particles don’t move, meaning some of the force is pulling against the dominant movement, like when you are in a car and you hit the accelerator, your head is flung against the back of the seat.

4T: Capillary Action

Natasha from 4T stated: “Our experiment works like walking water. Instead of pumps, the water passes through like capillaries, just as in leaves, plants and humans. We turned clear water into different colours!”
4T used some glass cups filled with water and food colouring with kitchen roll bridging cup to cup. The coloured water defied gravity as it walked up the kitchen roll creating a magical rainbow. 

5D: Get Set Jellies!

5D displayed their jelly making discoveries, showing the audience which fruits can set into jelly and which can’t. 5D discovered that pineapples have an acid that eats away at the protein (boiled pigs bones) which is the main component of jelly. Peggy from 5D remarked: “we are enjoying presenting our discoveries”

6P: Static Electricity

Butterfly, Balloon, Brilliance. 6P left children’s minds boggling with their static electricity experiment. Niamh from 6P explained; “We have discovered in our experiment that static electricity (with its neutrons) can lift objects up such as hair and tissue paper.” The atoms group up into either protons (positive charges) or electrons (negative charges), when you rub a balloon on hair the protons and electrons get mixed meaning they repel each other making a flying sensation.


Overall everyone went home with a brain filled with greater knowledge than before. More unbelievable theories and undemanding ideas filled their young minds.         

Reporter: Joey Monk, 6P

Science Fair 2024