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East Preston Junior School

Swim Gala Success for Romans

Nearly 50 children spent the penultimate afternoon  of the term at the Littlehampton Wave representing their team in the annual EPJS inter-house swimming gala. The children were thrilled with the opportunity to enjoy some competitive swimming and there were lots of mums, dads and other supporters cheering along from the side-lines.

16 races comprising each of the strokes and a finale of medleys was the outline of the afternoon. In a closely contested and busy gala, it was tricky to keep track of which team had their nose in front and the children had  to wait until they had returned to school to have the results revealed.

The final winners were awarded with the Wynne Taberner trophy in assembly on Friday.

Overall Results

1st place: Romans (38 points)

Joint 2nd: Normans (43)

Joint 2nd: Vikings (43)

4th place: Saxons (54)

 "It was a thrilling experience!" claimed Tobias in 5T.  "I enjoyed it a lot!" Thomas of 5AY added.  Dylan of 5T went on, "It unlocked a new challenge for me."  "It was great fun and we enjoyed supporting each other," Phoebe said. Betsie said of her performance, "I swam backstroke and I'm really proud of myself!" Hannah summed up the afternoon, "It was fun that everyone was supporting each other."

We were told by a swim coach at The Wave that we are the only locality school to hold an event like this and our children were lucky to have a supportive school that promotes enjoyment through sport - a huge thank you to Mrs Crook for organising and managing this event - a huge logistical project over several weeks. The children were also supported by Mr Coates, Miss Rose and Mrs Lasham and staff from The Wave  who volunteered their time to  help run the event. Also a huge thank you to  Mr and Mrs Smart and  Mrs Clark for helping out with finishing positions.