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East Preston Junior School

Welcome to an exciting year of sports at EPJS

We are really looking forward to another exciting year of sporting opportunities and achievements. This year, children will have the opportunity to take part in a range of different sporting disciplines at EPJS and across the wider locality. We have in excess of 50 dates in the sporting diary already and this may well increase should we qualify for district and county finals. We are also hopeful to arrange further events as the year progresses. 

At EPJS, we encourage children to strive for excellence in their personal goals and also to contribute towards their community by representing their house and their school in competition. In this way, we believe children will develop an enjoyment of physical activity and take this into later life. For some children, this will mean competing at the highest level in locality and county competition. For others, representing their house and taking pride in their accomplishments will be a significant milestone. 

I am taking the reigns from Mr. Coates who is gracefully retiring to the world of mathematics. I look forward to working with all of your children and meeting parents/carers in sporting events in the future. 

Mr Etherington