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East Preston Junior School

“What even is Tchoukball?”

It's the question that the children ask the moment it appears on the sporting calendar - and after the event, it’s replaced with ‘Why don’t we play more Tchoukball at school?’

Olivia P's report of the evening:

Mr. Gwynn introduced Tchoukball to us and then we played some team games as a warm up—to help us pass the ball without dropping it—as this is not allowed in Tchoukball.

To score a point, you need to throw the ball at the trampoline and it needs to bounce without the other team stopping it  - our tactic was to throw the ball really hard so that it lobbed over the top of our opponents’ heads.

We had two teams: Trinidad and Tobago A and B and these were a mix of Year 5 and 6 children. We had plenty of children so Miss Koutsoumanis and Mr Youles performed lots of rolling substitution.

Tayte was agreed as the players player of the tournament

Lots of goals were scored and conceded in a fast and furious encounter. It is a really fast sport! In a tightly contested competition, EP were squeezed out by 1 point meaning that Kenya B were crowned winners.

Kenya B—winners

Trinidad & Tobago B — 2nd

Trinidad & Tobago A — 3rd

It was great fun; we all supported each other and had great communication.

As always, thanks to Mr Gwynn for hosting the evening and introducing us to a great new sport, to Mr Youles and Miss Koutsoumanis for their tactical genius, many thanks to parents and carers for taking time out of their busy schedules, to our opponents without whom their would be no competition and to the EPJS teams who took part and represented the school well.