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East Preston Junior School

Year 5 go to space...

This week has been ‘out of this world’ for Year 5 with a visit to The South Downs Planetarium in Chichester! Both days were action-packed with information about the night sky and how to identify a variety of different constellations and planets as well as finding out more about Mars missions and whether it will one day be possible to live on Mars! In the star dome, we also learnt more about The International Space Station (ISS), Tim Peake’s time onboard it and fascinating facts, such as:

How do astronauts go to the toilet in space?

What sorts of exercise do they do to stay healthy?

How do they sleep in confined areas?

What are the jobs they need to do while in space?

The afternoon was spent completing a space quiz by searching for answers in the museum and listening to a talk about life in space. Other highlights of the day were visiting the gift shop and traveling on a train-new experiences for some of Year 5!