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East Preston Junior School

Year 6 Boys' Cricket - 26/02/24

This time, it's the boys turn...

On Monday 26th February, eight Year 6 children made the journey from East Preston to Durrington High. There were changes early in the day as train cancellations meant that we had to travel to this event via bus (and walk a fair amount).

As we arrived, the boys were in high spirits and looking forward to getting started. Countdown Cricket was explained by Carl Tupper (organiser) and games got underway. East Preston's group included: Durrington, Summerlea and Glebe. 

In our first fixture we faced Durrington which was a very close game. A couple of late wickets led Durrington to a 61-51 victory despite very strong batting.

We faced Summerlea in our second fixture and began by fielding. Summerlea batted well and the boys had a big target to chase. The overall score was improved from the round before but was not quite enough to propel us to victory - Summerlea - 81 EPJS - 60.

In our final game we faced Glebe. In this game, the team was determined to get something and gave it their all. Glebe though, proved too strong an opponent, winning 81-58. 

Despite the results, the team remained highly positive and grew in confidence throughout the tournament. Strengths could be found in every single game and margins were far closer than scores indicate. 

Yours in sport,

Mr J Etherington (PE Lead)