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East Preston Junior School

Remote Learning approach

During periods where school is closed to pupils, or where pupils are isolating at home due to Coronavirus, we will make use of remote learning to support families and pupils at home. This page sets out our approach.

How can my child access remote learning when working from home?

All pupils in the school have been given a login and password to access our online learning platform, Google Classroom.

During periods where the school is closed to most pupils, remote learning will be prepared for daily lessons and posted to the relevant classroom for your child.

If your child is isolating while the school is otherwise open, then alternative materials will be made available through the Google Classroom website for them to access for a period of up to 10 days.

What work will be provided for remote learning?

Pupils will be provided with work for up to 4 hours of daily learning. This will consist of three structure lessons in addition to the independent tasks expected from all pupils. The structured lessons will consist of:

  • English (reading & writing tasks)
  • Mathematics
  • One further subject (e.g. Music, Computing, Geography)

In addition, all children should read (either independently or with an adult) for 30 minutes per day, as well as practising basic number facts using either Numbots of Times Tables Rockstars..

Additional projects, such as those with an art focus, will be provided for a period of a week and can be completed daily or at one time.

Work will be made up of a mixture of school-created resources and materials provided by external providers such as Oak National Academy.

What support will be available for my child?

When work is shared on Google Classroom, it will be accompanied by written instructions and/or more usually a video explanation. This will set out the expectations of the task and provide guidance on its completion.

During school closure periods, a member of staff will be "on call" during school hours to respond to queries and provide remote support. Children can request help within Google Classroom by posting a message on a task, or on the class 'stream'. 

Supporting adults can request support from school by telephoning the school office.

During periods where school is open (i.e. if your child is isolating) it may be necessary to wait until the end of the school day for further support.

How can my child submit completed work?

Many tasks within Google classroom will be self-contained, either including a quiz or other assessment task within the materials, or having an embedded document which children can edit. Once a task is complete, the "Hand in" button should be clicked within any task. This will alert the class teacher to the fact that work is available to review.

Can my child continue to complete Reading quizzes?

We encourage all children to be reading regularly both in school and at home. Pupils can continue to log on to Accelerated Reader to take a quiz on any books they have read at home - and work towards their half-termly target.

What if we don't have access to the internet / an online device?

Please contact the school office, where we will be able to advise on options for providing support for home learning.

How can we access online learning resources?

All pupils have been provided with details of usernames and passwords for various websites used in school. If you need a replacement copy, please contact the school office.

Links to the main websites used are available on the Online Learning page.