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Schoolsworks is a multi-academy trust in West Sussex. Our aim is to create small hubs of schools which work closely together to collaborate, share best practice and improve outcomes for children.


East Preston Junior School

School Performance

Our statutory assessment results for Year 6 pupils from July 2019 were as follows:

Proportion of pupils reaching the expected standard

Reading: 71%

Writing: 76%

Maths: 69%

Combined attainment in all three subjects

Proportion of pupils reaching expected standard: 64%

Proportion of pupils reaching greater depth: 7%

Average scaled scores in tests

Reading:  104

Maths:     104

Key Stage 2 Progress

Average progress scores range from -10 to 10, and are compared with a national average of zero.

Average progress in reading:    -1.6

Average progress in writing:     -1.7

Average progress in maths:      -2.3

You can find more information about all schools’ results via the government’s compare school performance website: